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Re: I have $7 K in DVDs to swap/sell !
Posted by seller
11/4/2008  3:21:00 PM
Hmmmm! Makes you think- I have always been taught to share & Help when I can! I will never forget- in school-I went to a private christain school- I was a little a head of my best friend -I had taken a math test, a week later she was taking it- she ask me about a problem- in chapel service we set and figured it out.(Those algebra II problems take at least 30 mins. to figure out.) The teacher came to us and ask we said Yep! we did- we thought we were in trouble for not listening in chapel service. Nope! We were in trouble for CHEATING! I thought I was helping, my best friend! We both got detention, but it has been 40 yrs later & we are stil best friends and eat lunch every Wednesday. Sometimes,I still wonder was I cheating or was I helping!
I have NEVER sold a video, but I have shared them!! I like to keep mine in case, I need to refer back to them I forget material all the time! All I know is I enjoy Ballroom Dancers.com, and do NOT want to upset anyone! Because everyone has been very helpful! Thanks, ScottyBoysDoll
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