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hyperlink facility within messages
Posted by LondonBallroom
11/13/2013  3:45:00 AM
In order to create a hyperlink within a message I assume the procedure is to click on the link button at the side of the message field within the "post a new message" window. Clicking on this link button brings-up an "add a link" window which includes fields for the link itself, a description (whatever that might mean), and an insert button. Populating the link field and clicking on insert doesn't create a hyperlink, however (whether or not one populates the "description" field), but merely the text of the link which must be cut and pasted to a browser in order to view the reference. The link button produces the same result, therefore, as simply typing the URL reference straight to the body of the message. This problem is manifest using both Safari and Firefox. What am I doing wrong, please?


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