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The process
Posted by jofjonesboro
11/7/2008  7:21:00 AM
(1) Establish your edit session at ballroomdancers.com.

(2) Choose the point in the message at which you wish to insert the link and click the link icon.

(3) In another window, go to the site to which you wish to link (the target)and copy the address from the browser window.

(4) Returning to your BDC session, backspace over the "http" header inserted in the link box and paste in the target address. Add a brief description in that box and then click on INSERT or just hit your ENTER key.

(5) The link will be inserted into your message.

Example: USA Dance.

Another example: Dance Shoes

Yes, you're welcome; you may have another (I'm just showing off now):


Re: The process
Posted by LondonBallroom
11/13/2013  3:45:00 AM
The procedure you describe doesn't appear to differ significantly from that which I described, however I have followed it precisely. Doing so upon clicking on insert (enter has no effect) the hyperlink window remains and nothing else appears to change (the link, for example, doesn't appear in the pop-up message text window behind the hyperlink window). After a while I click on amend message but the change is not effected on the message in the thread. I am using a Mac with the OS X (10.5 Leopard) operating system - is your this procedure on your website compatible with this Mac OS?


Re: The process
Posted by LondonBallroom
11/10/2008  4:19:00 PM
Clicking on delete doesn't work either!
Re: hyperlink facility within messages
Posted by Administrator
11/7/2008  10:11:00 AM
That's a result of my mediocre JavaScript programming... The link tool seems to work only with Internet Explorer.

I'd look into fixing it, but I'm working on something better. There is a prebuilt component I'd like to buy that is much more extensive in its feature set. You can learn more about it and see examples here:


I'd buy and install it right now, but it's written for "ASP.NET", which is an upgrade to the language I currently know, ASP. So I've been spending the last few weeks reading books and learning the new (well, new to me, anyway) language. When I'm proficient enough, I will buy and install this new text editing component, which should work much better than my own cheesy custom solution.

In the meantime, you can insert a url by typing the appropriate tags. The opening tag is the word "url" enclosed in square brackets. The closing tag is the same, but with a forward slash. For example:


...will produce this...


Jonathan Atkinson
Re: hyperlink facility within messages
Posted by LondonBallroom
11/13/2013  3:44:00 AM
Thanks for your response Jonathan, and congratulations on your website; it's one of the more interesting and useful dance websites available.


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