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The process
Posted by jofjonesboro
11/7/2008  7:21:00 AM
(1) Establish your edit session at ballroomdancers.com.

(2) Choose the point in the message at which you wish to insert the link and click the link icon.

(3) In another window, go to the site to which you wish to link (the target)and copy the address from the browser window.

(4) Returning to your BDC session, backspace over the "http" header inserted in the link box and paste in the target address. Add a brief description in that box and then click on INSERT or just hit your ENTER key.

(5) The link will be inserted into your message.

Example: USA Dance.

Another example: Dance Shoes

Yes, you're welcome; you may have another (I'm just showing off now):


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