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Re: hyperlink facility within messages
Posted by Administrator
11/7/2008  10:11:00 AM
That's a result of my mediocre JavaScript programming... The link tool seems to work only with Internet Explorer.

I'd look into fixing it, but I'm working on something better. There is a prebuilt component I'd like to buy that is much more extensive in its feature set. You can learn more about it and see examples here:


I'd buy and install it right now, but it's written for "ASP.NET", which is an upgrade to the language I currently know, ASP. So I've been spending the last few weeks reading books and learning the new (well, new to me, anyway) language. When I'm proficient enough, I will buy and install this new text editing component, which should work much better than my own cheesy custom solution.

In the meantime, you can insert a url by typing the appropriate tags. The opening tag is the word "url" enclosed in square brackets. The closing tag is the same, but with a forward slash. For example:


...will produce this...


Jonathan Atkinson
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