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Posted by LondonBallroom
11/13/2013  3:51:00 AM
In case the previous response (from Anonymous) causes confusion the alignment of step 1 of the reverse turn is as I wrote two postings ago.

There are some aspects of technique which are unwritten, however these are few in number and general in kind. These aside, technique is by definition prescribed. There is little room for debate over what is prescribed in ballroom dancing about alignment and amount of turn. One simply has to locate the figure in the technique books, then locate the correct intersection of row and column, and finally read correctly what is written. One may have a subjective opinion as to whether the technique should be rewritten, but not as to what it actually says.

The alignments and amounts of turn are basic and crucial aspects of the Viennese waltz. I encourage readers not to rely on information without authority but to seek qualified tuition.


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