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Posted by Polished
11/11/2008  1:43:00 PM
Dheun. If you commence all of the Natural Turns that you do facing diag to the centre. That includes going from a Reverse to a Natural. Use the Forward Change correctly at the end of the Reverse to finish diag to centre. When going from a Natural to a Reverse use the Forward Change to bring you to facing the LOD. not diag to centre.
The alignments are very simple.
Natural Diag to centre
Reverse facing the LOD.
These alignments are not just at the commencment of the dance. But all the way through.
As it happens last night a person I know was having his first lesson on the V Waltz. It could be seen how he froze when told to face diag to centre to start his Natural Turn on his right foot turning clockwise. Been there done that.
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