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Get Sponsored! and Save $
Posted by latin_gal
11/20/2008  2:45:00 PM
Hey everybody.

I have just been to ShopDancesport.com and they have added some new things.

1. Their partner website AmysAfter5.com just opened up some sponsorship opportunities! So if you want to be sponsored you should go to AmysAfter5.com and fill out the application.

2. They have also added a Deal Finder. If you sign up for it like I did you get Coupons and other savings emailed to you. Just Click the "Sign up here!" button under Hot Deals!

3. They also added several new items to their Clearance Section!

Has anyone used these shoes?
Posted by jofjonesboro
11/21/2008  7:39:00 AM
From what I can tell, the value of this sponsorship to the dancer depends entirely on the quality of the shoes provided.

If the shows are good then this sponsorship is a smart advertising strategy.

Does anyone have any experience with this company's shoes (or other products)?

Re: Has anyone used these shoes?
Posted by Anonymous
11/21/2008  12:38:00 PM
I have 3 pairs of shoes from AmysAfter5.com. The first pair I got, were extremly comfortable as soon as I put them on. I've only bought from that store ever since. They're very customer service is very nice and They've always gotten the shoes to me on time, which is less stress on me.
Re: Has anyone used these shoes?
Posted by Latin.man
11/21/2008  1:08:00 PM
I use these shoes and love them. I STILL dance in the 1st pair that I bought from them 2 years ago! I have since returned to get another style and was just as pleased the 2nd time. They fit me nicely and are very durable. I defiantly recommend them.

P.S. There is a note written by Amy on her website about her shoes and why she started having them made. (FAQ's page) There is also a feedback page on her site written by her past customers. Click here to go directly to that page then scroll to the bottom.
That's nice.
Posted by jofjonesboro
11/21/2008  2:22:00 PM
I was hoping for a response from someone on the forum whose ID I would recognize.

Re: Get Sponsored! and Save $
Posted by Guest
11/21/2008  1:16:00 PM
I've got a funny feeling that latin.gal and latin.man work for the same company that's trying to advertise their goods for free on this bulletin board. Prove me wrong
Re: Has anyone used these shoes?
Posted by AmysAfter5
11/21/2008  3:30:00 PM
Hi Everyone!

This is Amy of Amys After 5 and Shop Dancesport !
I heard about whats been going on here and WOW! After reading the above posts. I decided to get an account and post myself.

About me: I started this business just over 2 years ago as I was tired of uncomfortable, poor quality shoes. So I started having shoes made to my specifications. As a relatively new business just starting out I dont have any employees. I single handedly run and operate both AmysAfter5.com and ShopDancesport.com But I do believe in customer service and quality products. So feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Email: info@shopdancesport.com or info@amysafter5.com


I am so confidant that my shoes are of top notch quality that I am willing in this case to GIVE you a FREE pair of shoes! Go to my website (AmysAfter5.com) and pick out a pair of shoes you like. Email me at one of the above email addresses the style you want, your shoes size, and your name and address.

Then post YOUR honest opinion of my shoes on this forum when you receive them, after 2 weeks of wearing them, and after 4 weeks of wearing them.

Thank you,

That is a very smart offer.
Posted by jofjonesboro
11/21/2008  4:56:00 PM
If I didn't already have several pairs of shoes, I'd take you up on it. I'll accept that you're willing to stand behind your product. However, it would be just as effective if you transferred that offer to someone on this board who could really use a new pair.

But I'm a little confused. Your post is so striking in its boldness that I wonder why you used someone else to push your product (latin-gal and Latin.man? Come on!).

Excuse me. I'm going to log onto an automotive board and complain about someone advertising Lexuses.

Re: I have no shame.
Posted by Ladydance
11/23/2008  9:32:00 AM
Hi Amy,
Do you ship to Canada? I'll take you up on your offer for free shoes and report back to JJ. I work in a dance studio and I promise, if I like them, I'll let everyone know. Quite a few dancers get their shoes from Ebay or DSOL.com now.
Re: I have no shame.
Posted by AmysAfter5
11/28/2008  6:37:00 PM

Yes, I ship to Canada. Yes, I will give you the FREE pair of shoes instead of JJ. But instead of telling JJ what you think of the shoes post it on here for all to see.
Go to my website (AmysAfter5.com) and pick out a pair of shoes you like. Email me at one of the below email addresses the style you want, your shoes size, and your name, address, and phone number (as this is required to ship item to Canada).

Email: info@shopdancesport.com or info@amysafter5.com

Then post your honest opinion of my shoes on this forum when you receive them, after 2 weeks of wearing them, and after 4 weeks of wearing them.



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