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Re: A ? for Jonathan
Posted by Polished
11/23/2008  11:35:00 PM
On a Throwaway Oversway which is mostly called a Throwaway. The lady takes her left leg behind keeping her hips in contact with the partner. It shouldn`t be difficult to find a photo from one of the comps. It is a picture line and can be held for extra music. It usually follows a Fallaway and a Double Reverse Spin. It is often then followed by a Wrong foot Lunge to the man`s right which is followed by a Tele Spin with a Chasse to finish to the left. Which gives us Eight Bars of Waltz all up. The above is the most common used where I come from.
This is a good tip. After the Double Reverse Spin There is a Heel Turn for the lady into a Closed Telemark and then the Throwaway. On the Heel Turn the man`s RF must track the ladies LF. Stepping wide will give a bad entry.
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