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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by Anon
11/26/2008  5:39:00 PM
Arthur Murray is a franchise they play by their own rules if you don't like it leave. Thats the message I was given and don't make waves by talking to other students about your problems. My favourite line " its a fun place to learn" and very expensive may I add. Yes, it's fun - socials,gala balls, festival nights - but the majority of the teachers are inexperienced. While I was at AM I was told by certain teacher to stop asking her questions in the group class???? What the???? It was quite obvious she had no experience, I always cancelled any lessons they offered with her, it was only months later when two of her students changed teachers and told everyone they had a relationship with her. This was downplayed by other members of the staff as " causing trouble" and "gossip" until the manager of the studio claimed the information to be true. When one of the female students made a sexual harrassment complaint against a male student this same teacher became his teacher, hope the two are very happy together. The studio just swept the incidents under the carpet. Needless to say I am no longer at the studio and have gone back to international ballroom .
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