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Re: A ? for Jonathan
Posted by Polished
11/27/2008  1:59:00 PM
Johnpower. It is possible to do a Throwaway from an Oversway. I dont think it would be recomended that a Oversway be performed after the Throwaway Position has been found.If you want to enlarge your collection of moves. Exit the Throwaway by the lady bringing her LF which is behind to the RF . The man the natural opposite.Turn the lady a fraction clockwise untill she is able to move her RF behind .The man does a Lunge to his right. This is called a Wrong Foot Lunge. It can be seen there is a slight simularity to the Throwaway for the lady being that in both cases a foot goes to her rear. Now you need a Telespin to exit. The man must let beat one go past before moving. The lady uses beat one. Good Luck.
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