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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by Anonymous
11/27/2008  9:50:00 PM
Im sorry comparing AM teachers to International trained instructers the two do not compare. The amount of money AM teachers charge is ridiculous considering the vast majority of AM teachers do not have a name nor the experience to evn charge the ridiculous amount of money for lessons, when one can have a lesson from well known instructors worldwide in the international arena for half the amount. I have been to both AM studios and international. I found the teachers at AM did not go into as much detail when teaching technique and it seemed that $2000 bought me 10 steps which i learned until I made a further payment of $1000 which bought me another 5 steps, of course I would be going over the same steps with no more focus on technique continually until it was decided I could move up a level. The international world of ballroom dancers have more more recognition than anyone at AM. I have made my choice as have hundreds of others as proven on this thread
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