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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by IndySpinner
11/28/2008  10:45:00 PM
Twinkle. . . I hope that you have quit that AM, as your post indicated. I to am ashamed to tell friends how much I spent at AM. And they pushed and pushed to get more and more lessons on the books. When I quit I had 60 lessons on the books and they were pushing me for more purchases. I had to meet with the studio owner before getting my refund and pretend that I needed the money for a family emergency. I would have rather told her the truth, that I was finally pushed too far and came to despise her and her studio.
So I truly hope that you followed through and quit. It was phychologically so very hard to quit, with the attachment they worked so hard to breed in my to my teacher.
I imagine that there are some AMs out there that are honorable, but yours is not! Telltale sign, you had 4 months of lessons and they were pushing more on you!
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