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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by Anonymous
12/1/2008  5:40:00 PM
AM is the only studio to advertise for new staff offering a job as a dance teacher without any experience as long as you love to dance!!!!! The teachers are not qualified. PERIOD. International dance studios are run by people who have dedicated their whole lives to dancing and have competed around the world in major comps including blackpool the most famous dance comp - AM teaches dance from a social aspect not a competitive aspect that is a hell of a lot of money to spend on dance lessons to learn to dance socially, and why is it that the fred astaire studio and AM studio who both teach american smooth yet have different syllabus'. At least with an international studio you can learn the same syllabus from any city in any country around the world, without having to start all over again. AM is a MONEYMAKER the teachers charge a flat rate regardless of their experience this is wrong! $140 a lesson with an AM teacher who is the co franchisee with 10 years AM experience or $140 a lesson with new teacher with a jazz background who has spent the last 3 months learning from a teacher at the studio and watching dvd's to learn the steps? It's not rocket science. You can defend the studio as much as you like. It does not cost $10,000 to learn 2 levels. I am an accomplished piano player it did not cost me $20,000 to learn to play the piano in 2 years.
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