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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by Joan
12/1/2008  7:09:00 PM
Well Ann - it is really unfortunate that you have had bad experience. My husband and I have been with Arthur Murray for 3 years, found just the opposite experience. Perhaps you did not clarify what you wished to experience during your interview. We have learned an amazing amount of steps, patterns, expression, and have had a wonderful time with all of the instructors. The depth of what we have been taught is soooooo evident when we dance with people from other studios, and groups - their technique is so poor, and because it is so poor they forget what they have learned, and look quite funny actually. As far as the instructors are concerned, they have to undergo rigorous testing with master coaches (at least at the studio we are at), and must be in an ongoing learning program - they are always being taught to upgrade when they do not have lessons. I have had discussions with some of the people who are teaching at other dance studios, and find it quite funny that they do not understand even the basic positions, steps, etc. One of my favorite was - "what is Cuban motion". Hope you have a better experience somewhere else - most likely you will stop dancing because you will not like anyone or anything taught to you. To comment on the $$ thing - it IS a business, and like you and I these people have to make a living and pay the rent, so when it all boils down to the time they have spent, it is well worth the money and it is fabulous. The only other reason that I think you would place such a mean, & nasty diatribe is that you are an owner or instructor with a competing studio - this type of tactic never works. Dance on!
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