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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by Days&Nights
12/2/2008  8:58:00 AM
As "DanceTheNightAway" points out.
"Be very careful where you spend your money." Ericka, it's all in what you want. Having danced in AM, I personally didn't feel that for social or competition purposes, $140 for a 40 minute lesson was of value. I got alot of sales pitches and the ever present - you can't learn the next steps until...blah blah blah. While the teachers might have had a passion for dancing the pressure to sign paperwork and $$ committment was up there with a used car saleman trying to make quota. Once the AM studio learned that students either planned on leaving - for whatever the reason...there was no longer any interest in the student. The developed syllabus that the AM method of teaching might be great for some - the franchise owner is there to pay bills and make money..there is...in the long run the always present profit and loss statement. You will find the always present personal viewpoints. Mine? I love my independent instructors (two of them currently) and the studios. Quite successful at that - not that they didn't cut it at AM - but their passion for dance overrode the need/requirement to get customers to sign on the dotted line. Rather - they want happy customers - not bankrupt ones.
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