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Getting a bit defensive, huh.
Posted by jofjonesboro
12/4/2008  5:24:00 AM
And someone who agrees that you were sloppy in your initial research and comments that ONLY Fred Astaire was listed.

Actually, I'm someone who spent some time on the POS site and figured out that it does not work properly.

You failed to address even one of the QA issues which I listed.

If a user has to waste time figuring out a website's tricks and turns then the website is a piece of garbage as this one clearly is.

A first-time user on that site would have followed same steps as I did and wound up with the same inaccurate result.

You failed to address my point about "Atlanta" appearing twice in the drop-down list of cities with the two different selections producing different results.

You also failed to address the point that even the longer list is incomplete - and therefore also inaccurate.

So, for someone who claims to "do a lot with just a little information," you still can't produce an accurate list of the dance schools - or studios - in Atlanta with your site.

And for your information, I do software QA for a living. Your site needs a lot of work.

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