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Re: Getting a bit defensive, huh.
Posted by Some help
12/4/2008  7:51:00 AM
No, it isn't my site. (You seem to make a lot of statements based on poor research.)

My initial comment was not to complain about the site; it was to note that you made statements that were based upon incomplete research of the site.
Instead of acknowledging that, you were the one who then tried to avoid responsibility by blaming the site itself.

A poor workman blames his tools.

Those tactics say a lot about the manner in which your opinions are formed when you make postings in other threads, too.

And now, as you seem to be the type who MUST have the last word on everything, I'll step aside . . . . over to your last word. And I'm sure that everyone who reads your last word will give it all the credibility it deserves.
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