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Re: NDCA - USADance merger.
Posted by Polished
12/4/2008  2:57:00 PM
Most of us are not interested the political side of dancing although we should be. It doesn`t matter which country or name your Dance Society goes under if you trace it right through you will finish with the battle between the IDSF and the WDC..The IDSF the Amatuer Society started a Professional Branch. So the WDC the Professionals started a Amateur
The IDSF have stated ( anybody can read this ) that they will ban any Amatuer or Judge or helper who takes part in any competition not sanctioned by the IDSF.
The WDC will allow any competitor or judge or helper regardless of where or who they are to take part.
A few years ago in Canada there was a competition in which Professionals and Amateurs competed against each other, this was the way it was going to be. Then up went the Iron Curtain. There are doorways once a year through that Iron Curtain and that is the British at Blackpool and the UK in Bournmouth . Both of these are too powerfull for the IDSF to flex their muscles and impose a ban as they did at Assen in Holland. But it has been rumoured.
As I said before . Most of us just want to dance, but having read this at least we now know that all is not well .
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