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Re: As you said, we just want to dance.
Posted by Polished
12/5/2008  10:34:00 PM
We are all aware of what a hugh sport Soccer is today. But did you know that not that many years ago a Belgium soccer player went to court and got a ruling against the Controlling Body who had a rule that only( I think it was three ) foreign players could play in one team, or even be on their books.
He was being stopped by this rule from playing in the UK. He won.
Lets look at an Ajudicator in Ballroom Dancing. Is it lawfull to dictate to them who they can and can`t work for. That to me is against the law and would not stand up in a court of law..
If you want to read more on this go to Dancesport UK and on the right click on DancesportInfo Net and scroll down looking to your right and click on any of the topics under discussion.
And if you want to know the IDSF their policies. That can be found by clicking on IDSF Rules and World Rankings also on Dancsport UK. and then Unregistered Events. You will see a list of competitions that you cannot enter at the risk of having a ban placed on you. The last paragraph lets you know in no uncertain manner what will happen to you if you defy their ruling.
The WDC have no such rule.
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