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Re: Help on hardwood Dance Floor
Posted by Telemark
12/6/2008  5:42:00 AM
There are only two properties that govern the quality of a dance floor:

One is the "feel" of the surface. How much grip/resistance is there. It doesn't matter at all what the surface is made of if it has the "right" feel. Well maintained Maple has perfect "feel", but it is very expensive, and is very little used any more.

The other is the "give" in the surface - its spring. A good floor absorbs impact and returns it with reactive force. Traditionally, this is achieved with timber having particular qualities (and this is all about how the boards are supported, and not about the boards themselves), but modern floors are frequently "sprung" with foam or actual leaf springs.

There are aethetic considerations, but these are separate: a proper maple floor, suitably sprung, is a joy to look at as well as to dance on, but much cheaper alternatives can be equally servicable.

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