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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by MrTango
12/9/2008  4:30:00 PM
"...when we ask questions about technique or something, we often get told that is later on in bronze.

Which means they (the teachers) haven't learned the step yet."

as a former student, teacher, competative professional, and coach I must sincerely disagree with this. It is detrimental and a disservice to introduce techniques of dance before certain others are mastered, or at least somewhat so. The process (often called "layering") can be related to building a house - it may look pretty at first glance, but if the foundation is unsound or the building materials are shoddy, sooner or later it will collapse. This is true of any skill, be it dance, art, golf, sales, bowling, or whatever.
In my experience, people tend to believe they are further along than they are, or don't appreciate the subtleties of certain essential techniques and cast them off because they don't feel the progress as fast. If you trust your teacher (IF!) you need to realize that you hired them for their expertise, and put your guidance in their hands, just as you would a college professor - you don't walk into a university and say,"teach me calculus!!" when you don't know algebra yet. This philosophy carried me far in the dance world - from many top student awards at various levels to top teacher awards, to finals at major comps and to coaching several other up-and coming competative professionals.
If you don't trust your teacher - you need a new one!! (regardless of whether it is AM,Fads, Independant or whatever)
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