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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by Polished
12/9/2008  7:00:00 PM
Mr. Tango. I think you would agree that with a class of begginers learning the Modern Waltz for the first time it is proper to teach them on a Closed Change for the person going forward, that it is a Heel followed by a Toe on the second step, and then a Toe Heel on the third..to the count of 1 2 3. I`ve heard all the excuses like they won`t understand. Or this is a just Social class. I think the pupil came through that door to learn how to Waltz. They have paid their money and should be taught correctly. And those not doing it correctly should be corrected. When I first learnt the whole class was made to say aloud. Heel. Toe. Toe Heel. Then repeated on the other foot. Once the class got the idea he would teach that we must dance from foot to foot and not get stuck halfway inbetween.
When it is taught this way at the beginning it stays with the pupils forever. Are there any out there being taught this way.
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