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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by MrTango
12/9/2008  7:18:00 PM
"AM is the only studio to advertise for new staff offering a job as a dance teacher without any experience as long as you love to dance!!!!! The teachers are not qualified. PERIOD."
- not true, I see similar ads for Indy studios all the time. Also in AM, instructors typically go through at least a 6 week training period before they are even allowed to talk to even the most beginner students- and then they typically turn the students over to a more advanced instructor after introducing them to a few basic steps. meanwhile (at least in the studios I was associated with) they are in constant training for both dancing, teaching (and yes, sales- if no one sells the lesson, how will you buy it? duh). And most studios bring in the same coaches you use in the indy world.

"International dance studios are run by people who have dedicated their whole lives to dancing and have competed around the world in major comps including blackpool the most famous dance comp."
- Nick & Lena Kosovic, Bob Powers & Julia Gorchekova, Daniel Heroux, Bill Sparks & Shirley Johnson, Lukasz Rogowski, Luca & Lorraine Baricchi, Sam Sodano, Bill Jacobsen, Forrest Vance, Ingvar Geirsson & Leslie Spearin, up and comers like Joe & Leisa Howard, Luis Dettling & Rachel Whitney, JUST TO NAME A FEW off the top of my head......all Arthur Murray, either currently or formerly. ALL. Heard of 'em? If you haven't, then you don't deserve to make the above statement.

When I last went to Ohio Star ball in 2007 - my student - an AM student - placed top 3 in every single heat but 2 in both levels of Silver. And one I helped coach placed 7th (just short of the final) in the Pro/Am Latin Scholarship- it was only her second comp.
Our studio regularly attended independent comps, and more often than not took home a top studio and/or student award.

I'm sorry I feel the need to be defensive, but it is grossly unfair to state that AM(or even FADS) instructors are any less qualified than any other. Belonging to a franchised system neither necessarily qualifies nor disqualifies a teacher's credibility, dedication, passion, or experience. I was often APPALLED at the level of instruction some students had received from so-called "highly qualified" indy teachers when those students came to my studio. More often than not, they stayed at my studio, even though it cost more than the others in town. Quality sells. And you get what you pay for. (if you don't get out and get your money back!)
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