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Re: Has Dancing Improved
Posted by Polished
12/10/2008  5:13:00 PM
Terence. I know you have looked at some of the clips otherwise you couldn`t have come up with the names which I didn`t mention.
In one under, Ballroom Championships in the Sixties. The Walks and the Reverse Fallaway into a Throwaway in the Tango by the winners No 2 would not today make a judge put his pen to paper, ( count 16 bars in ). Then there was a Latin Final which can be found under World Professional Latin and Ballroom Championships 1968 . The same couple in the Cha Cha were not good by any standard, The just didn`t have the technique of todays dancers, and their interpretation of the music left a lot to be desired. No I am not nuts. Neither do I wear rose coloured glasses.
I would say that untill Richard Gleave and Michael Barr in Modern and Alan Fletcher in Latin came on the scene poise and posture use of the knees for the modern style and musical interpretation in both wasn`t there.
I shudder when I see how they used to cling onto each other in their Pivots with very little knowledge of where the head should be . Google Dapenda`s Channel and look at " Arunas Bizokas " and compare today with yesterday.
As I say again. Those early Champions would be hard pressed today to get out of the afternoon sesions at Blackpool
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