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Re: Has Dancing Improved
Posted by terence2
12/11/2008  12:14:00 AM
There has been much discussion of late about phrasing in todays dancers.. they seem to be more obsessed with the "smaller " picture than the larger one .

No.. I didnt read the article, but when you state NO one from before the 70s would make a final, then I find that statement absurd .

Todays "style " has become cookie cutter and predictable ( standard ) and the Latin, is a caricature of stage proportions.. it has lost its way in definition and character ( this is not just my prof opinion.. many top prof feel the same way )

As to techn,...of course it had to change in latin ,due to the absurd nature( in some cases )it became ! .

And do you believe that all the current top pro,s are more perfect in techn ?.. I dont think so .
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