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Re: Has Dancing Improved
Posted by Polished
12/11/2008  3:20:00 PM
Terence. Now you are being clever with your choice of words. The era mentioned is the 60`s. You bring the 70`s into the equasion by writing before the 70`s. Technically that is correct , or is it. Lets stick to one era and one style for this moment in time.
Google The " British Latin and Ballroom Dance Championships 1963 ". The Latin Cha Cha by couple 59. It is pathetic. Would you in even your wildest dreams say otherwise.
And in the Quickstep the same couple 69. Just take a look at those Scatter Chasses. Would that head position and the poise win today. I doubt it. At the end Bob and Doreen didn`t look that crash hot either.
Again I say that dancing has improved so much that both you and I would look like a couple of Social dancers at a Saturday night hop dancing the way we used to, rather than a couple of comp dancers..
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