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Re: Has Dancing Improved
Posted by Polished
12/11/2008  4:17:00 PM
Steve. I dont know if you are aware but with todays technology it is possible to have an athlete of any sport in an elecrtonic field performing their sport. On a computer it is possible to pick out exactly what a person is doing wrong or right.
In our Dancing with the Stars it was shown how former World Boxing Champion Danny Green was not doing a lift correctly. The computer picked up that the knees weren't being used as they should be. I saw the same on a soccer player who didn't have the correct shape on one of those overhead kicks they do when they have their back towards the goal. I think they might have gone as far as they can go techniqually in dancing. If there are changes it will be the music that brings it about.
The Rumba . As we dance to music that was once considered and still is not thought as suitable by the traditionalist. Have you seen a clip of a couple doing a Rumba sung by Shirley Bassey called The Greatest Performance of my Life. Or Enya singing Only Time. My favourite is Paul Killick dancing to Colm Wilkinson singing Till You Came Into My Life. If you do want a tune where skill is needed try any of those three.
Re: Has Dancing Improved
Posted by Iluv2Dance
12/11/2008  10:48:00 PM
Hi to all;
A merry Christmas to everyone.

When we are comparing the greats in dancing, we should remember that it's the dance STYLE and not the ability of the dancer.

As Terrence - and Don, about 2 years ago - argued that the past greats with their devotion and attention to detail would still be in the top 12.

Recently I saw a short clip of Stan Dudley and Christine Norton, dancing the Waltz. I still could see the charisma this couple created. But the STYLE in those days consisted mainly of foot and leg action.

I remember when Stan danced in the afternoon heats, in the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK, in lounge clothes, wearing mauve suede shoes. It sounded like the Blackpool roar, from the spectators, when Stan walked onto the floor.

In the evening I saw Wally Laird dancing modern ballroom. When he danced past one section of the crowd he was getting a cheer. Walter was laughing each time he past that section. Walter was also in the Latin and had to dash to the changing rooms for the Latin section recalls. In those days the Latin was not danced in separate sections like it is today.

Walter told me that that was the night he and Lorraine decided to concentrate on Latin, because he could only make the end of the tunnel, and they had to watch the dancers performing in the recall.
Re: Has Dancing Improved
Posted by Susan
9/21/2013  12:33:00 PM
Please tell me where I can see a clip of Stan Dudley and Christine Norton, I wold love to see this.
Re: Has Dancing Improved
Posted by wlemery
9/25/2013  1:57:00 PM
Of course it has. Why wouldn't it?

I suppose the stark contrast you're looking for would be most easily seen by watching a clip of Vernon and Irene Castle, who were accounted to be excellent dancers in that time period, then watching a clip of any smooth dance champion from the past three years.
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