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Re: Has Dancing Improved
Posted by Polished
12/11/2008  4:17:00 PM
Steve. I dont know if you are aware but with todays technology it is possible to have an athlete of any sport in an elecrtonic field performing their sport. On a computer it is possible to pick out exactly what a person is doing wrong or right.
In our Dancing with the Stars it was shown how former World Boxing Champion Danny Green was not doing a lift correctly. The computer picked up that the knees weren`t being used as they should be. I saw the same on a soccer player who didn`t have the correct shape on one of those overhead kicks they do when they have their back towards the goal. I think they might have gone as far as they can go techniqually in dancing. If there are changes it will be the music that brings it about.
The Rumba . As we dance to music that was once considered and still is not thought as suitable by the traditionalist. Have you seen a clip of a couple doing a Rumba sung by Shirley Bassey called The Greatest Performance of my Life. Or Enya singing Only Time. My favourite is Paul Killick dancing to Colm Wilkinson singing Till You Came Into My Life. If you do want a tune where skill is needed try any of those three.
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