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Re: Has Dancing Improved
Posted by Polished
12/12/2008  5:23:00 AM
Terence. Your memory is failing. Bob danced with his wife Margaret Baker who so tragically died. For some five years or so whilst he was going through the courts he didn`t compete.
He then danced with Jeanne Walker and then Eve Barnet before meeting with Doreen who was partner and wife to Bob Ramsey they had just returned from S Africa. This was after 1956.
Do you remember what happend to Margaret Baker.That would have been about 1952.
I did not randomly pick one couple. In the 1963 youtube clip number 59 in the Latin was Bill Irvine. In the Modern number 69 was also Bill Irvine who won both the Latin and the Modern.
By todays standards it was not good as anybody can see for themselves..
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