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Re: Has Dancing Improved
Posted by Polished
12/12/2008  12:49:00 PM
There are on youtube film clips from Pathe News reels going right back to the 20`s. The further we go back, by todays standard the less impressive the dancing is. Any rise and fall was done through the feet only. They had no idea of how to use the knees at all .If the judges in those early days in competition had seen a couple bending their knees to and angle of 45 degrees in the Waltz and the Foxtrot they would have disqualified them.
I put this on once before. According to Frank Ford who was the first ever Star Ballroom Champion. In 1931 a German competitor arrived at Blackpool for the British. The Tango at that time was very much along the style of English Old Time, very Foxrotting. He strode on the floor with a crisp sharp type of action not seen before. He came absolutely nowhere. But the next day was saturated with requests . Would he demonstrate his Tango in their Studios. Frank who supplied this information was actually there. The Tang as we know it today had its beginning right their.
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