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Re: Every school in the US should do this!
Posted by belleofyourball
12/16/2008  11:06:00 PM
You know when I ran a Charter School I actually incorporated Ballroom Dance. I had an At-Risk population (High School).

To begin with the students really didn't want to take part but after a few lessons they were doing well and looking forward to the activity. We even put on a Showcase with about 500 people in attendance.

The research indicates that students who take Ballroom present fewer behavioral challenges, have less depression and in fact, it actually improves their ability to read. Yes this is real forthcoming ed research. It helps with confidence, and many of the students wanted to continue on.

The Dept. of Ed in AZ felt differently. Even though we were a performing plus school they felt anything that strayed from the basics was a waste of time and taxpayers money and put heavy pressure on the school to discontinue the program.

There are a few around who put it into their PE program, but the problem isn't just the individual schools or student perceptions, its the State Legislatures. Until they stop feeling the pressure fom NCLB there will be no Ballroom, and really no other arts in any public schools in a way that counts.
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