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Re: Every school in the US should do this!
Posted by kaiara
12/19/2008  5:38:00 AM
I SO agree that ballroom should be taught at part of P.E. I also think that other exercises that can be done well into old age should be taught.

I'd like to see square dance taught as well.

Both ballroom and square dance are good because there are resources all over the country for them. I've lived few places where a space with a sound system and even often a caller were not available.

School: only a few students really benefit from all that money that goes into sports. A more comprehensive health and wellness based exercise class would be more in order considering most people will have ordinary jobs and need to have learned to do some things that are exercise and not just sports.

I hated PE as a child--but if we had been doing ballroom--I would have LOVED PE as a child--and might have spent fewer years as an adult being too sedentary for good health.
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