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Re: Help!
Posted by dheun
2/13/2009  7:03:00 AM
If you let the teacher know that you feel you are not improving, and you'd like more specific feedback and exercises to improve certain aspects, you should at least find out where you stand.
Students who make an effort to connect with the teacher and show an interest above and beyond the average student, will usually get a little more attention and feedback. Those students, of course, tend to be at the studio more and stay on for a series of sessions. Not one and done, as they say.
It sounds like you enjoy dancing, but your notion of equating "being noticed" with actually improving and reaching your goals is not a very good formula. Taken even further, the opposite could happen -- you could become delusional about your skill level in general. In other words, it's just as bad, or worse, to feel you ARE being noticed, but you're not really improving your dance skills.
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