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Re: christchurch script library
Posted by annew
4/6/2009  5:55:00 AM

It depends what you're looking for. I originally subscribed to Chritchurch as I thought it might be a useful resource of scripts for old dances still used for competitions and medallists. But, in general, it wasn't, and turned out to be more a library of popular social dances. But the quality is good, and it is a cheap way of getting scripts for the new prizewinning dances, which is is now my main reason for subscribing.

I recently found some more sequence script libraries (see links below), which again are not really what I am looking for but will have their uses. The first contains many older and more obscure dances, though many of the dances there seem more innovative and suitable for advanced dancers.


Another one I found has a small selection of popular dances.


Re: christchurch script library
Posted by annew
4/6/2009  5:46:00 AM
ps all these are international, there is no smooth in sequence, although the NZ site has new vogue dances, which is a bit like smooth (in the loosest sense of the word).
Re: christchurch script library
Posted by belleofyourball
4/6/2009  7:17:00 PM

Thank you for the info

Re: christchurch script library
Posted by annew
4/11/2009  5:30:00 AM
for anyone trying to get their scripts the service now is running on

Re: christchurch script library
Posted by annew
8/5/2009  2:22:00 AM
Has anyone tried getting srcipts of the latest dances from Christchurch this week. They don't seem to be there for me and it now Wednesday. It might just be me because I know my subscription is due to run out around now, so was just wondering if anyone else had found an updated page with the latest dances on.
Re: christchurch script library
Posted by Telemark
8/5/2009  3:29:00 AM
The most recent update seems to have been from 7 July.
Re: christchurch script library
Posted by annew
8/5/2009  3:58:00 AM
not just me then
Re: christchurch script library
Posted by Telemark
8/6/2009  3:43:00 AM
The site now appears to have been updated with the most recent scripts.
Re: christchurch script library
Posted by bemused
8/17/2009  9:56:00 AM
I recently found an australian site selling scripts at $3 (Australian or US I'm not sure), on a one by one basis, postage free to anywhere in Australia (though presumably not outside of it). The scripts available are the same as those in the Christchurch New Zealand Script Library.

Re: christchurch script library
Posted by annew
8/9/2010  6:55:00 AM
And there is now another good site at

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