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Re: Pro-Am Competition Fees
Posted by Days&Nights
4/11/2009  7:53:00 AM
Speak directly with your pro. He/She should already, if they've competed before, know what you will pay on their behalf. Also, if your competition is not associated with a chain studio and is advertised on the web - you can get a pretty good idea as the other costs. Many competition will package all the costs together into a variety of packages. For me, I pay the entry fee for each dance, average cost $35, my pro charges a per entry fee so add that to the entry fee cost, then you will have to pay for his/her admission ticket for the session your dancing in, is there a hotel stay involved? I have paid for his/her room and my own room, any air fare. It always helps to have others competing with your teacher as thir reduces the cost of the pro since it will be split among the students. If your dancing in a chain competition the studio will already have a set price the you will pay - unless your teacher is an independent teacher. Some teachers will simply charge a flat rate rather than the costs I've experienced above. Other dancers I know stay close to home so they do not incur a hotel stay, travel - etc., which reduces their own cost as well. Sit down with your teacher and have this discussion - so your not feeling surprised later on down the road. (-:
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