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Re: Government Sponsered
Posted by Telemark
4/13/2009  12:52:00 AM
It can take ages to get something right.

I've been following the recent discussion about the different rise & fall pattern in a Foxtrot Feather Step, compared with s Three Step, and I well remember just how difficult it was to remember (let alone dance) the correct footwork, rise & fall, and getting in the CBM and sway, as well.

I have a current beginners class who have just started Foxtrot, and they are having all the same problems. "Why does this dance LOOK so easy?" asked one student. "Does Tiger Woods make driving a golf ball perfectly straight for 325 yards LOOK hard?", I replied. He goes on to say that he has been watching a DVD, and can't get over how easy it looked. "Whose?", I ask. "Oh, someone called Mirko Gozzoli ...".

But here we are, on a wet Wednesday, in a beat-up Community Hall, and half the room can't tell left from right. Such are the joys of teaching.

I have reached an age when I don't learn new things as easily as I once did; and I can be amazed when I try something new (and it's often a Sequence Dance that I will otherwise have to sit out), that I can't remember the actual sequence of figures - which is a bit of a problem, really.

The difficulties of beginners, and those of more experience are different problems - but both are very real.

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