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Re: Government Sponsered
Posted by Cyd
4/22/2009  3:12:00 PM
luv2Dance. In Tia Chi before moving to the Left there is a slight move of the shoulders to the right. This also happens in the Double Reverse Turn. It creates a wind up. When it follows a Slip Pivot it is already there. But if we do another Double Reverse the wind up and aceleration on the right side needs to be put in place and was aptly demonstrated several times.
Another very interesting thing was, demonstrated and explained, was the Swing in the Waltz.
Solo we were asked to join our two hands together and swing from low to high. The feeling has to be like... Following ...the crest of a wave. It was also said that Swing creates an out of balance movement. But Sway regains balance.
Also don`t do a Fallaway Slip Pivot in the Tango with Foxtrot timing and action which was also demonstrated
From A H there was one hour packed with information.
All of the six hours of lectures was free, paid for by the Queensland Government with Sponsors which included Jupiters Casino where it was held.
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