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Re: Government Sponsered
Posted by Iluv2Dance
4/24/2009  10:38:00 PM
Morning Cyd,
Sorry about that. It was my silly attempt to be a comedian. I was trying to imply that now I know what was said, I could now go to sleep, having previous joked 'I can't sleep'. Not that it took you a long time to write an answer.

Terence mentioned Charles Thieabault in one of his informative messages. I know that Anthony was one of his pupils.

I always remember Charles, saying - which Anthony has used in the past - is, 'If it's not natural, then it's wrong.'

I remember joking at the time by saying, 'Is it natural to walk backwards?'

The best one I read from Charles was, the answer he gave at an interview having just turned professional. He had previously worked in a gent's outfitters and was asked, 'What was the main difference he had found to working in the shop, to now teaching full-time?. Charles answered by saying, 'I now find that in teaching the customer is always wrong!'

Thanks again, Cyd. If there is any more tips you can remember, please let us know. Kind regards.

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