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Re: Government Sponsered
Posted by Cyd
4/25/2009  1:17:00 PM
lluv2dance. A very good morning to you.
I have a page full of notes i made at the lecture. One thing that was mentioned was. The feet are the artists brush. Not in the technique book, not in mine at least, is the shaping of the feet front and back when turning. This is in Modern. He doesn`t agree calling Modern Standard .And also using the words Rise an Fall. It should be Rise and Lower. A few words were said about the music. Music comes first. Figures must fit the music. Only attempt figures within suitability of the music. One i found interesting was the Natural Spin Turn. Put the lady onto step five. It was demonstrated the right and the wrong way and what happens to the following steps if it is not done correctly with the lady not being placed into position. Also do not move down the floor on Slip Pivots etc. again demonstrated.
From the above it can be seen that a competent adjudicator can quickly see these faults and are not taken in by flashy varitations and can at a glance estimate the value of the dancers on the floor. Best Wishes
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