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Re: When did it change?
Posted by tybaldt
4/25/2009  8:36:00 PM
I'm a hustle competitor and teacher in NYC, and most of my teachers danced hustle in NY in the 70's. None of them knew swing- east coast or west coast. They knew salsa, and other latin dances. They hustled in latin clubs (ever notice how much latin percusion is in disco songs?)

One stage in the development did look like a bad, wide wcs push break, but believe me, they had no idea what that move is.
There was a period when it seemed to change every week or so (I'm told), but eventually they hit on the quick back and forth 3 count thing.
Any time you do the same dance for a long time, you find cool new things in it, so the people who danced it in the 70's looked different decades later.

It's grown.
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