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Re: When did it change?
Posted by anymouse
4/29/2009  10:11:00 AM
"I attended the 1st hustle ( latin ) convention in the U.S.( all teachers ) in the mid seventies -- its basic was premised on WCS... BUT.. with a different time sequence..and, it was ( and still is in some locales ) being taught until the late 80s."

You have to be very careful to read between the lines of something like this to see the range of possible true meanings.

For example "it's basic was premised on WCS" could mean literally that.

Or it could mean that people who were already dance teachers described to each other this new thing invented in the clubs by using the context of what they already knew as a teaching community, and said to each other "well, it's kind of a like a WCS ... except that ..."
Re: When did it change?
Posted by terence2
4/29/2009  11:23:00 AM
The variations beyond the very basic,that were implemented, were much too complex to have been " invented " by club people.. for e.g. Whips, to name but one....
Re: When did it change?
Posted by FivePointsLauren
6/28/2016  11:20:00 AM
Arthur Murray syllabus counted it "&1, 2 3" in 1986.

Noticing renewed interest in Hustle (6/16). Looking for more of that syllabus than what's in my head
Re: When did it change?
Posted by nloftofan1
6/29/2016  9:25:00 AM
There's a difference between "its" (used by terence2) and "it's" (used in your response). Your substitution changes the meaning entirely.
Re: When did it change?
Posted by dancestyles
6/27/2017  2:40:00 PM
There were a few 4 and 6 counts steps using the word "hustle", but they were not.
There is ONLY one hustle since 1980, also known as Latin Hustle, or NY Hustle, with a sylabus.
It is expressed as &1,2,3

All other versions are unrecognized, untaught, and non-sylabus dances that are trying to rip off the word hustle.

There is also a line dance, often referred to as "The Hustle", which is not part of this conversation as it is NOT a partners dance!
Re: When did it change?
Posted by terence
7/5/2017  1:26:00 AM

The timing you quoted is "3" count and that, is NOT latin hustle .And yes, that style ( based upon E Coast swing ) did emerge in the 80s.

The original Latin, was closely aligned with WCS, but, danced on a more horizontal plane and different timing.

In all my years teaching latin hustle ( in a US major metro city ) ,from the onset, never did anyone request 3 count .
Re: When did it change?
Posted by terence2
7/6/2017  3:28:00 AM
Only one style since 1980 ?....

I was teaching latin hustle in a major southern US city , all thru the 80S. and adjudicating it . The timing you quoted is 3 count ( or street style ).

Chain schools taught both .And to add to the mix, a merengue style was the forerunner seen in clubs, before the more advanced version took place.
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