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Re: Cyd
Posted by anymouse
4/30/2009  4:29:00 PM
"The countries champion has been banned and stripped of his title because in the Studio he belongs to (in which he is allowed to teach Social Couples ). To help the Studio he taught a competition couple."

If the rules in your country prohibit this, you had better follow them or expect the consequences. Perhaps it's time for a discussion of what the rules in your country should be, but as long as they are what they are, there should be consequences for violating them.

All the better that it happened to the champion and not to some "nobody" as it shows that the rules are evenly applied to all, regardless of stature. That's a concept called the "rule of law" and is a basic foundation of organized society.

Typically the best career move for the dancer is to turn professional at this point.
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