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Re: IDTA Syllabus
Posted by anymouse
5/4/2009  3:02:00 PM
"That might be true for competitors - in which case they will get no help from the IDTA syllabus - but it is not true for Medalists, who outnumber competitive dancers severalfold."

On the contrary, the opposite is true. Competitors in restricted divisions substantially outnumber those studying for medal exams.

Re: IDTA Syllabus
Posted by Iluv2Dance
5/4/2009  11:45:00 PM
Hi Babamm,
The 'Latin Supplement' was written by Julie Laird (not Walter) and its purpose was to cover the figures recommended by the British Dance Council...

Anyway, if you are still interested then I suggest you read the Preface in the Supplement Book.
Re: IDTA Syllabus
Posted by dance.with.hiruni
2/10/2013  8:27:00 PM
I can email both books
Re: IDTA Syllabus
Posted by BioSimon
2/11/2013  12:29:00 PM

which editions do you own?

I have bought both the 1994-reprint of the 1988 edition of Walter Laird's Technique, as well as the 2003 edition (revised in 2006).

What I'm still looking for are the Supplement, but even more: the edition called the "Green Book" (I think it's from the 70s), I would be grateful for any hints where I could get those from:


Thanks in advance!
Re: IDTA Syllabus
Posted by Telemark
2/12/2013  12:53:00 AM
The 'Green Book' has been out of print for some time and is unlikely to reappear. I also understand that the IDTA have also acquired the copyright to the Laird Technique, and that a revision is in the pipeline. It remains to be seen whether the title lives on, but the recent revision to Howard (while mangling significant parts of the text to the point of absurdity) retained the name.
Re: IDTA Syllabus
Posted by nloftofan1
2/11/2013  8:42:00 AM
Fallaway Reverse and Slip Pivot is a Fellow (Gold) Foxtrot figure in Guy Howard's book. (On the page titled "Figures Common to More Than One Dance," Howard shows it for Waltz and Quickstep also.) But it is in the USISTD Silver Foxtrot Syllabus, in a figure called "Fallaway Reverse Turn Slip Pivot Curved Three." Is it easier for Americans to do, or is it just a matter of someone's difference of opinion?

On the other hand, I have not seen Three Fallaways (a natural follow-on to Fallaway Reverse and Slip Pivot) described in any syllabus. An instructor taught it to us in (what Americans would call International) Tango, and you can find it described on the Internet for other dances, such as Foxtrot (and it also works well in Waltz). My partner and I like this figure--in fact, she insists on doing it whenever possible. If someone can point me to a syllabus that lists this figure I would appreciate it.
Re: IDTA Syllabus
Posted by Telemark
2/12/2013  12:54:00 AM
Three Fallaways are charted in full in Hearn's 'A Technique of Advanced Standard Ballroom Figures', 2004.
Re: IDTA Syllabus
Posted by balldancer
9/26/2014  3:39:00 PM
The standard of the IDTA examinations is appalling as can be clearly proven by watching the standard of most dancers who take any, lierally any, of the examinations. It ssems that the only criteria is that those taking the exams can actually walk, but not necessarily very well. The standard of the examinations is a disgrace. It has to be seen to be believed and is highly insulting to those worthy of taking the examinations. Again, to judge for yourself, observe the standard of the dancing skills of those who have taken the exams. Usually it's a disaster.
Re: IDTA Syllabus
Posted by Fallaway Whisk
10/22/2014  10:03:00 AM
I completely agree with balldancer!

I too was the prowd owner of lots of medals up to above Gold Star III and thought I could dance reasonably well. I got the shock of my life when comparing myself to low level competitors!

The other issue is it is not just students, but also qualified teachers.

In many cases, the teachers cannot move!


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