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Re: Cyd
Posted by Cyd
5/4/2009  3:59:00 PM
The studios here have created a division between Competition and serious dancers and Social Dancers
This is how a Social Teaching class is run. 8pm to 10pm. 1/2 an hour of teaching, than 1/2hour of dancing. Followed by another 1/2 hour of teaching and 1/2 hour of dancing. The ladies would take a seat in strict rotation. The guys at the end of each tune will take a lady again in rotation. Some studios have what they call staff. In this case the paying guys and girls will sit and are picked up , again in order by the staff who in most cases recieve training on what is being taught that evening. The division. No Competition Dancer is going to turn up to one of these Social Dances and not dance with their own partner. So there we are, divided by the way Studios are run.This system has been in operation since long before i was born.
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