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re: anyone do any classical sequence??????
Posted by tourist
1/9/2003  8:36:00 PM
Ihave actually heard of sequence - just a few weeks ago from a lady from the UK It does sound a bit like round dancing. DH and I did round dancing many years ago and enjoyed it a lot. We did everything from two-step to paso doble, waltz and tango. But we always wanted to be able to put the steps together on our own and dance anywhere so we started ballroom classes.

Some advantages of round dancing are that the choreographers can put in all kinds of reverse line of dance moves and fun bridges, intros and finishes that fit the music. I have found one big difference as a follower is that rounds are typically done in square dance garb (ie. big crinolines) and I actually got some of the leads by feeling his leg on my skirt. Those big petticoats were like fluffy antenae

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