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Re: Judging own pupils
Posted by Cyd.
5/11/2009  2:29:00 PM
Anonymous. Your last pharagraph points us to a Catch 22 situation. If the adudicators are not in a class that we would have lessons with and our own teachers are in a class way above the others. What do we do. What would make it fairer in a competition would be if nobody new not even the judges themselves which events they will be judging. That would put a stop to loading up with lessons, which is another side of the story. It was pointed out ages ago on this site that in South Africa in a major comp there were five judges two of which were changed after each dance. That is as it is written. At the end of the Waltz two dropped out and were replaced by two others for the Tango. This was from the first round right through to the final.
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