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Re: Grooming - Competive
Posted by belleofyourball
7/2/2009  12:47:00 AM
I think people are showing a general disregard for their appearance...period.

I have to say that I agree about the way people come to class. I think its reflected in the way they dance. Sloppy dress, sloppy dance. My pro thinks so as well. All of his advanced students have a dress code. It is 'suggested' but he really means it and enforces the dress standard in a nice way but we all know what is expected and we all perform.

I think its smart...it sets the mood for your body. It also protects me and gives him the ability to work with my legs and core and hips and arms without clothes getting in the way. So for him, depending on whether your latin or standard, you wear the appropriate length skirt, black of course, a tight shirt, again black of course. We must also wear dance panties so we don't get distracted and nervous about any movement showing too much and leg warmers to keep us from cramping as he runs us through the paces.

I appreciate that he holds us to a standard. I think more teachers should! If they don't people ought to have enough sense to do it for themselves. Besides who wants to get their good clothes all stinky and sweaty? You shouldn't want to wear street clothes.

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