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Re: Dance coaches in Phoenix
Posted by terence2
8/5/2009  10:25:00 AM
I gather from your post, that you are in the Phx area.. do you happen to know if Ray and Maria evans are still teaching ? ( in Mesa )..
Re: Dance coaches in Phoenix
Posted by belleofyourball
8/5/2009  12:13:00 PM

I don't know. I could tell you for sure where they aren't teaching. If they were with a franchise I wouldn't know since my circle travels these days with indy studios.

There have been a lot of shake-ups in the Phoenix Market with studios closing overnight and I've seen a lot of pros moving to one or two of the oldest studios like Paragon. I've also seen them teaching out of their own houses when their studio suddenly vanishes. So it could be they teach out of their home.

Even the chain studios are losing locations out here.

I'll keep my eyes open and if I see the I'll tell you :~}

Re: Dance coaches in Phoenix
Posted by terence2
8/6/2009  9:31:00 AM
Theyve owned their own studio in Mesa ( attached to their house ) since 1974.. both are fellows ISTD in B/r and latin .. from the UK.. thanks
Re: Dance coaches in Phoenix
Posted by katzuks
8/7/2009  8:38:00 AM
Bob Powers & Julia Gorchakova are in Scottsdale.(619) 631-1880

Inna Berlizyeva is at Empire Dancesport Scottsdale.

Chad Lakridis teaches at several locations.(602) 549-1916

I recomend Chad he is a great teacher endless engery. He also uses Bob,Juila,and Inna for coaching for him self and his students.
Re: Dance coaches in Phoenix
Posted by itram
8/8/2009  7:45:00 PM
ahh, Tucson area: Ron Montez
Re: Dance coaches in Phoenix
Posted by likes to dance
11/3/2009  2:31:00 PM
I would also recommend Yavor Genev at Paragon. He is an amazing dancer, and constantly wins at competition.
Re: Dance coaches in Phoenix
Posted by belleofyourball
11/3/2009  11:41:00 PM
can't disagree about Yavor, rather a flirt but he's cute and a fairly good dancer. Not as good as many of the others listed here but also fairly good natured and low key which isn't universally true of this list of dancers :~}
Re: Dance coaches in Phoenix
Posted by DanceAllure
11/4/2009  2:26:00 PM
You can also check out Yavor Genev and Silviya Pencheva. They btoth are professional teachers and competitors. They both are independent teachers and teach mostly in the Chandler/ Tempe area. Their website is : www.ballroomdancearizona.com
Re: Dance coaches in Phoenix
Posted by terence2
11/5/2009  4:41:00 AM
Are Ray and Maria Evans still teaching in Tempe ?
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