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Re: Dance coaches in Phoenix
Posted by katzuks
8/7/2009  8:38:00 AM
Bob Powers & Julia Gorchakova are in Scottsdale.(619) 631-1880

Inna Berlizyeva is at Empire Dancesport Scottsdale.

Chad Lakridis teaches at several locations.(602) 549-1916

I recomend Chad he is a great teacher endless engery. He also uses Bob,Juila,and Inna for coaching for him self and his students.
Re: Dance coaches in Phoenix
Posted by itram
8/8/2009  7:45:00 PM
ahh, Tucson area: Ron Montez
Re: Dance coaches in Phoenix
Posted by likes to dance
11/3/2009  2:31:00 PM
I would also recommend Yavor Genev at Paragon. He is an amazing dancer, and constantly wins at competition.
Re: Dance coaches in Phoenix
Posted by belleofyourball
11/3/2009  11:41:00 PM
can't disagree about Yavor, rather a flirt but he's cute and a fairly good dancer. Not as good as many of the others listed here but also fairly good natured and low key which isn't universally true of this list of dancers :~}
Re: Dance coaches in Phoenix
Posted by DanceAllure
11/4/2009  2:26:00 PM
You can also check out Yavor Genev and Silviya Pencheva. They btoth are professional teachers and competitors. They both are independent teachers and teach mostly in the Chandler/ Tempe area. Their website is : www.ballroomdancearizona.com
Re: Dance coaches in Phoenix
Posted by terence2
11/5/2009  4:41:00 AM
Are Ray and Maria Evans still teaching in Tempe ?
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